insulated water (or wine!) bottle


When your exercise classmates see you guzzling out of this bottle emblazoned with the words “Sparkling Wine Anytime,” you can just raise an eyebrow and give them a mysterious wink. Because at 750 ml, this stainless-steel Camelbak flask in “terracotta rose” pink has the capacity to hold a full bottle of wine. It’s also vacuum-insulated to keep your beverage of choice cool. The base is covered in a grippy, non-slip silicone pad to keep it from sliding around, whether you’re tailgating, picnicking, yachting, or sweatin’ to the oldies. (Sparkling wine lovers: Please note that effervescent beverages exert intense atmospheric pressure upon whatever container they’re in, so please use extreme caution if you decide to pour bubbly into this beauty.)

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